Here Are Some Of Our Client Wins

Janice S. - Lost 32 lbs and 6 dress sizes in 60 days!

Megan L. - Lost 38 lbs and 14 inches!


Christy O. - Lost 34 lbs!

Magdaline S. - Lost 40 pounds!



"Dr. Coker and his dedicated team are such a wonderful encouragement and cheer squad! I had already worked with them about 4-5 yrs ago with a plan to heal my Hashimoto’s disease. It worked! It helped me tremendously! I came off several medications and lowered my thyroid meds!

My new workmates even noticed the huge change in my energy level, as I was a much peppier person, and as an added bonus I lost a lot of weight. That’s why when I learned of the new ‘weight loss challenge’, I was more than willing to trust them again, with another life changing experience.

I had been remarried since the previous Hashimoto’s healing, so I had added ‘Happy Fat’ to lose. Once again I had an awesome experience with the Doc & friends this time. I’ve learned so much more about meal prepping & planning. It makes staying healthy & happy, so much easier!"

Karen H.

"Had you told me I could even lose a pound a day I'd have told you you were oN DRUgS! Lol!!!!"

Magdaline S.

"I don't think I could ever have found a better program than this one, it definitely works and if it can work for me I know it can work on anyone."

Jeri T.

"I joined the 316 Weight Loss Program because I have had an extra 30+ pounds on my body for 18 years along with having an underactive thyroid. I have done Dr. Cokers regular 316 program before and both my husband and I lost weight. I trust him. So when this program was offered I was all in. I did it because I want to be a healthy weight and to reset my set point. I followed the eating plan and talked to Dr. Coker once a week. My weight would ebb and flow but little by little after the weight loss portion was done I was down 30 pounds! Wow! I was so excited! Now in the maintenance phase I have maintained that weight. It feels so great and I know that I wont see those 30 pounds ever again. Its not complicated. Its doable. It frees you of your food cravings. It resets your metabolic set point. I am so happy I did it!"

Christy O.

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